Florida's Lizards

Nile Monitor Lizard

(Varanus niloticus)



Nile Monitor Lizard by Patrick Lynch, SFWMD

Nile Monitor Lizard (click on image to view larger)

 Photo by Patrick Lynch (SFWMD). This photo may not be used without the express written permission of the photographer.


Up to 6 ft.


Slender body is tan to brown. Back and sides are marked with bands of tan spots interspersed with darker speckles; spots fuse into solid tan bands on the tail. Head and neck are marked with tan, V-shaped marks. Tongue is forked and fleshy. Scales are somewhat smooth but not shiny. These lizards lay eggs. 


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Nile Monitor Lizard Sightings

EDDMapS sightings of Nile Monitor Lizards in Florida - 25 Aug 2010.

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