Florida's Lizards

Other Monitor Lizards

(Varanus species)



Water Monitor from Wikimedia Commons

Water Monitor

Savannah Monitor from Wikimedia Commons

Savannah Monitor

 Photos from Wikimedia Commons--click on photos for more info.


Varies with species--up to 6 ft.


Slender body is tan to brown. Markings vary among species. Tongue is forked and fleshy. Scales are smooth but not shiny. These lizards lay eggs. 

Monitor lizard species found in Florida include Water Monitors, Savannah Monitors, Crocodile Monitors, Peach-throated Monitors, and two species of Black-throated Monitors.


To view map locations of monitor lizard sightings in Florida, go to http://www.eddmaps.org/florida/distribution/animals.cfm and select a species.