Florida's Lizards

Tegu Lizards

(Tupinambus species)



Black and White Tegu Lizard by Mario Sacramento

Black and White Tegu Lizard by Mauro Teixeiro, Jr.

Red Tegu Lizard by Patrick Lynch, SFWMD

Gold Tegu Lizard from Wikimedia Commons

Tegu Lizards

 Photos by Mario Sacramento, Mauro Teixeiro, Jr., Patrick Lynch (SFWMD), and from Wikimedia Commons. These photos may not be used without the express written permission of the photographer.


Up to 4 ft. or more


Somewhat slender body is gold/tan, reddish, or gray; body color varies among species. Back and sides are marked with dark bands interspersed with dark speckles. Head and neck are often much thicker than those of monitor lizards. Scales are smooth and somewhat. These lizards lay eggs. 

The Black-and White or Giant Argentine Tegu is established in West-Central and South Florida at localized sites. Other tegu species that have been spotted in Florida are the Red Tegu and Gold Tegu.


To view a current map of all Black-and-White Tegu Lizard sightings in Florida, click the map. To view sightings of other species of tegu lizards, go to http://www.eddmaps.org/florida/distribution/animals.cfm and select a species.

Black and White Tegu Lizard Sightings

EDDMapS sightings of Black-and-White Tegu Lizards in Florida - 25 Aug 2010.

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