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African Python
(Python sebae)



African Python by Lori Oberhofer, NPS

African Python head by USGS

African Python by Lori Oberhofer, NPSPython bellies by Bob Reed, USGS

African Python (click on images to view larger)

 Photos by Lori Oberhofer (NPS) and Bob Reed (USGS); illustration by USGS. These photos may not be used without the express written permission of the photographer.


Up to 12 ft. or more


Body is grayish tan to brown. Back and sides are marked with irregular brown blotches with dark outlines; blotches on the back usually DO touch, and blotches on the sides may be somewhat C-shaped. Head is marked with an arrowhead-shaped mark with a light line down the center, and dark and light wedges under the eyes. Belly is marked with splotches. Scales are smooth and shiny. This snake lays eggs. 


To view a current map of all African Python sightings in Florida, click the map. NOTE: On 22 Dec 2010, 30 FWC agents searched the Bird Drive Basin and found no African Pythons present.

African Python Sightings

EDDMapS sightings of African Pythons in Florida - 25 Aug 2010.

African Python Species Profiles & Additional Information:

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