Prospective Students

Prospective graduate students should email Dr. Johnson. 

Courses Taught by Dr. J


Current Graduate Students

  • Camila Rodriguez (M.S. candidate) --Ecology of introduced lizards in Florida.

  • Audrey Wilson (M.S. candidate) -- Geographic distribution of cane toads in Florida.

  • Jane Anderson (Ph.D. student) -- Status and ecology of non-human primates in Florida.

  • Eric Suarez (M.S. candidate) -- Diamondback Terrapin ecology and interactions with crab traps.

Alumni Graduate Students

  • Suzanne Simpson (May 2013) --Ecology of non-native amphibians and reptiles in Florida.

  • Brian Camposano (December 2011) -- Morphology and geographic distribution of native and non-native anole lizards (Anolis sp.) in Florida.

  • Jennifer Bernatis (Ph.D. April 2014) -- Ecophysiology and impacts of invasive freshwater channeled apple snails in Florida.

  • Travis Blunden (M.S. May 2010) -- Effects of scrub restoration techniques on small mammal and herp communities.

  • Raya Pruner (M.S. May 2010) -- Brood foraging behavior, habitat use, and factors affecting chick survival in the Cuban Snowy Plover (Charadrius alexandrinus tenuirostris) a state-threatened species in Florida that nests along the Gulf Coast.

  • Gabriel Miller (M.S. December 2008) -- Ecology of upland snake species of the Southeast, specifically the Florida Pine Snake (Pituophis melanoleucus mugitus), and its interspecies relationships with the Southeastern Pocket Gopher (Geomys pinetus).

  • Betsy Roznik (M.S., December 2007) -- Patterns of movement, habitat use, and survival of juvenile and adult Gopher Frogs (Rana capito), and recommendations for habitat management based on radiotelemetry.

  • Kris Hoffmann (M.S., December 2007) Impacts of invasive Cuban Treefrogs on native treefrog species, and development of a hybrid visual implant elastomer (VIE) / toe-clip marking method for treefrogs.

Steve Johnson with Snapping Turtle

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Camila Rodriguez

Audrey Wilson

Jane Anderson

Eric Suarez

Suzanne Simpson

 Brian Camposano

 Jenn Bernatis

Travis Blunden

Raya Pruner

Gabriel Miller

Betsy Roznik with radio-belted Gopher Frog

Kris Hoffmann