Prospective Students

Prospective graduate students should email Dr. Johnson. 

Courses Taught by Dr. J


Current Graduate Students

  • Suzanne Simpson (M.S. candidate) --Ecology of non-native amphibians and reptiles in Florida.

  • Brian Camposano (M.S. candidate) -- Morphology and geographic distribution of native and non-native anole lizards (Anolis sp.) in Florida.

  • Jennifer Bernatis (Ph.D. candidate) -- Ecophysiology and impacts of invasive freshwater channeled apple snails in Florida.

Alumni Graduate Students

  • Travis Blunden (M.S. May 2010) -- Effects of scrub restoration techniques on small mammal and herp communities.

  • Raya Pruner (M.S. May 2010) -- Brood foraging behavior, habitat use, and factors affecting chick survival in the Cuban Snowy Plover (Charadrius alexandrinus tenuirostris) a state-threatened species in Florida that nests along the Gulf Coast.

  • Gabriel Miller (M.S. December 2008) -- Ecology of upland snake species of the Southeast, specifically the Florida Pine Snake (Pituophis melanoleucus mugitus), and its interspecies relationships with the Southeastern Pocket Gopher (Geomys pinetus).

  • Betsy Roznik (M.S., December 2007) -- Patterns of movement, habitat use, and survival of juvenile and adult Gopher Frogs (Rana capito), and recommendations for habitat management based on radiotelemetry.

  • Kris Hoffmann (M.S., December 2007) Impacts of invasive Cuban Treefrogs on native treefrog species, and development of a hybrid visual implant elastomer (VIE) / toe-clip marking method for treefrogs.

Current Undergraduate Researchers

  • Eric Suarez is working with Dr. Johnson on a radio tracking project studying Common Snapping Turtles in a spring-influenced blackwater stream in north-central Florida. Very little is known about the ecology of these turtles in the southern portion of their range, so this study will provide valuable information for conservation of this species.

Former Undergraduate Researchers

  • Aaron Dennis assisted with a variety of research projects, including collaborations with researchers from the University of South Florida and the University of Hawaii. Aaron also helped to evaluate the effectiveness of a citizen science bat house project conducted by the City of Plant City.

  • Erin Brown conducted a guided study research project with Dr. J, investigating the temporal calling patterns of the invasive Cuban Treefrog. Erin received a B.S. degree in Natural Resource Conservation at the UF/IFAS Plant City Campus in Summer 2007! 

  • Mark Dykes conducted guided study research projects on optimal nest box placement for Eastern Bluebirds and Gopher Tortoise distribution. Mark received a B.S. degree in Natural Resource Conservation at the UF/IFAS Plant City Campus in Fall 2007!

Steve Johnson with Snapping Turtle

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Suzanne Simpson

 Brian Camposano

 Jenn Bernatis

Travis Blunden

Raya Pruner

Gabriel Miller

Betsy Roznik with radio-belted Gopher Frog

Kris Hoffmann

Eric Suarez

Aaron Dennis

Erin Brown

Technician Mark Dykes practices radio tracking