Testing a Euthanasia Spray for Control of Invasive Frogs

Dr. Johnson and Monica McGarrity collaborated with Dr. David Dall and his Australian company, Pestat Pty. Ltd., to conduct field and laboratory trials of a new euthanasia spray for invasive frogs. This product, called HopStop®, contains only ingredients found in common household cleaning supplies but is highly effective for euthanizing frogs. Because frogs have thin, absorbent skin, the spray quickly soaks in, anesthetizes, and then euthanizes the frog -- the frogs are comatose within seconds.

HopStop® was made available on the market in Australia in 2013. Unfortunately, it never received approval for use in the U.S., and it is unlikely it will ever be released in the U.S. for use managing our invasive amphibian pests, the Cane Toad (FL), Cuban Treefrog (FL), and Coqui frog (HI).

Check out Pestat's website for more info on this product.

Cane Toad