Florida's Frogs

Florida is home to 27 native species of frogs, which belong to five different families. Some species live and breed in large lakes, whereas others live in dry, upland habitats and breed in small, isolated wetlands. Some species have sticky toepads for climbing and others have webbed feet for swimming or spades on their feet for digging. Some species have smooth, moist skin, while others have dry, warty skin.

Florida has also been invaded by three species of non-native frogs. These frogs are native to tropical and sub-tropical habitats, and have been very successful in Florida's hospitable climate. These frogs are breeding in Florida, and we know that at least two are having impacts on our native wildlife and our quality of life.

To find out more about the frogs found in your area, get the new "Identification Guide to the Frogs of Florida" or click your county or region on the map below and check out the resources listed on our Frog Links page.  

Florida Map