Johnson Lab Research

Johnson lab research covers a diverse array of wildlife topics, predominantly dealing with invasive or threatened wildlife species and their management.

Management Techniques for Invasive Amphibianscuban treefrog aquariums

Sniff'N'Stop Invasive Frog Deterrent

    Product webpage:

HopStop Frog & Toad Euthanasia Spray

    Collaborator: Dr. David Dall, Pestat Pty., Ltd., Canberra, AU

Coqui Biological Control

    Collaborators: Shenandoah Marr & Dr. Arnold Hara, University of Hawaii

Amphibian Ecology

Gopher Frogs: Movements, Habitat Use & Survival - Betsy Roznik, M.S. (2007)

Cuban Treefrogs: Refuge Use & Impacts on Native Species - Kris Hoffmann, M.S. (2007)

Radiotelemetry of Cuban Treefrogs

Long-term Amphibian Monitoring

    Collaborators: Kym R. Campbell & Dr. Todd A. Campbell, University of Tampa

Agriculture & AmphibiansMesocosm tanks

Agrochemicals in Freshwater Ecosystems

    Collaborators: The Rohr Lab, University of South Florida

Frogs in Agricultural Areas

Other Wildlife Ecology

Florida Pinesnake: Home Range, Habitat Associations & Refuge Use - Gabriel Miller, M.S. (2008)

Snowy Plovers: Habitat Selection & Reproductive Performance - Raya Pruner, M.S. (2010)

Grad Student Research