Dealing with Snakes

Florida is home to 44 species of native snakes, but only 6 of them are venomous -- the chance of being bitten by a venomous snake is very low. Florida's snakes play important roles in our ecosystem, not only as predators that help to control rodent populations, but also as important prey for other wildlife. Sadly, the survival of many of our snakes is threatened by development, road mortality, and persecution by humans.  By learning to safely deal with and even "get along" with snakes, you can reduce your risk of being bitten and can allow Florida's snakes to play their role in our environment without fearing for your safety.

Getting along with snakes is easy --

  1. Learn to identify Florida's 6 venomous snakes, and some common non-venomous snakes

  2. Learn how to prevent negative encounters with snakes, and how to safely deal with snakes

  3. Be prepared -- know what to do (and what NOT to do) if someone is bitten

Want to know more? Check out...

Dealing with Snakes in Residential Areas

This series of fact sheets is a great resource for Florida residents, with information on snake identification, "snake-proofing" your home, emergency planning, and snakebite treatment for humans and pets.

Dealing with Venomous Snakes in Schoolyards

"Black Snakes"

Other Snakes

Identification Guide to the Snakes of Florida

The "Identification Guide to the Snakes of Florida" is now available for purchase through the UF/IFAS bookstore. This full color, illustrated guide is a "must have" for anyone who spends time outdoors in areas where snakes may be encountered. Color photographs of each of Florida's 46 snake species illustrate adult and juvenile markings and any important color variations that will help you to identify these snakes in the wild. The guide is organized by the color pattern of the snake, so that you can quickly identify any snake you encounter. The guide provides detailed information about the average size of each snake, habitats where they are commonly found, what they eat, and more. This portable, durable, water-resistant guide is an essential reference to keep in your glove box, tool shed, or backpack. Ring bound; 4" x 6"; 138 pp. Price: $18.00.

Venomous Snakes Poster and CD/DVD Set

The "Venomous Snakes of the Southeast" poster is now available for purchase through the UF/IFAS bookstore. Dr. J has also created an educational CD/DVD set, "Venomous Snakes of the Southeast: Identification, Safety, and Exclusion," that is also available for purchase through the UF/IFAS bookstore. The CD/DVD set includes these and other educational documents, a snake safety training video by Dr. Steve Johnson (produced by the Florida Knowledge Network), and power point presentations with speaking notes -- a great resource for teachers, environmental educators, scout leaders and others who would like to pass this information on to others. The DVD can also be used to conduct snake safety training sessions.