Florida's Snakes - contributing photographers

Most of the photos used in the website were taken by Dr. Steve A. Johnson or were contributed for printed "Identification Guide to the Snakes of Florida" by one of the following photographers (unless otherwise indicated):

W.J. Barichivich, K. Enge, J. Jensen, K. Krysko, E. Langan, P. Lynch, J. MacGregor, R. Means, G. Miller, D. Parker, L. Smith, S. Snow, D. Stevenson, T. Ward, N. West, and J.D. Willson

The photos on the Florida snakes webpages may not be used for any purpose without the express written consent of the photographer. For information about using a specific image, please email tadpole@ufl.edu. Please feel free to use the maps for educational purposes. 

thumbnail photo of snake identification guide cover