Brian Camposano


Brian Camposano Brian was born and raised on Marco Island, Florida. He came to the University of Florida in 2001, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation in 2005. He returned to the University of Florida in the Interdisciplinary Ecology program, graduating with a Master of Science in 2011, under the direction of Dr. Steve Johnson. His thesis examined the morphology and distribution of Anole lizards in Florida, specifically developing a dichotomous key to differentiate the 10 established species by scale characteristics.

While at UF, Brian was a Teaching Assistant for various undergraduate biology courses. He also began his career with the Florida Forest Service, working as an OPS biologist at Goethe State Forest. He continued on to become the Jacksonville District Biologist, and currently serves as the State Forest Ecologist in Tallahassee, Florida. He is also very active with wildland fire, becoming certified as a Florida Wildland Firefighter and Certified Prescribed Burn Manager in 2011. He is working toward becoming qualified as a Long Term Fire Analyst and assists in teaching various courses, including multiple fire behavior courses, Prescribed Burn Manager course, and Prescribed Fire for Wildlife (specifically reptiles and amphibians).