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Common Boa
(Boa constrictor)


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Common Boa

photo of boa constrictor showing tan body marked with brown, saddle-like bands; bands on tail are reddish brown

illustration of common boa head showing dark center line and dark eye stripe

 Photo by Kevin Enge (FWC); illustration by USGS. These photos may not be used without the express written permission of the photographer.


Usually 3–8 ft. (max. ~13 ft.)


Large, heavy body is grayish, tan, or light brown. Back is marked with darker brown saddle-like bands; bands on the tail are reddish-brown. Scales are smooth. This snake gives birth to live young (does not lay eggs).


Introduced in southern Florida, it has become established in at least one location in Miami-Dade County. It is usually found in forested areas, including pine rocklands and tropical hardwood hammocks. This species is not native to Florida – it was introduced as a result of the unethical and illegal release of pet snakes. To view a current map of all Common Boa sightings in Florida, click the map below.


Frogs, lizards, snakes, birds, mice, rats, rabbits

map showing common boas are found only in south florida

Map by Michele Wood (UF) - may be used freely for education. Click on the map to view a current map of all sightings reported in Florida.

Common Boa Species Profiles & Additional Information:

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