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Rim Rock Crowned Snake
(Tantilla oolitica)


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Rim Rock Crowned Snake

photo of rim rock crowned snake showing dark head and reddish-tan body

 Photo by Dustin Smith (Miami Metro Zoo). This photo may not be used without the express written permission of the photographer


Usually 6 – 9 in. (max. ~11 in.)


Slender body is pinkish tan. Head and neck are brown-black. Snout is pale cream-tan. Scales are smooth. Florida’s three crowned snake species are very similar in appearance, so be sure to check the range map for help with identification. This snake is believed to lay eggs.


Found only along the southeastern Atlantic Coast of Florida and the Keys in tropical hardwood hammocks and pine rocklands with shallow, sandy soils over underlying limestone. This secretive snake spends most of its time underground in stump holes and crevices in the limestone, or under logs and other debris.


Believed to include worms, centipedes, spiders, insects and their larvae, and possibly small scorpions

map showing that rim rock crowned snakes are only found in extreme southeastern Florida and the Keys

Map by Monica E. McGarrity - may be used freely for education.

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