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(Cemophora coccinea)


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photo of scarletsnake showing broad red bands separated from narrow yellowish bands by thin black bands

 Photo by Dr. Steve A. Johnson (UF, upper photo). This photo may not be used without the express written permission of the photographer


Usually 1–1.5 ft. (max. ~2.5 ft.)


Body is marked with bands that do not extend onto the belly. Broad red bands are separated from narrower cream-yellow bands by thinner black bands; cream-yellow and red bands don't touch. Snout is pointed and red; belly is cream-white. Scales are smooth. It is often mistaken for the venomous Coralsnake. This snake lays eggs.


Found throughout Florida in habitats with sandy soils, including pine flatwoods, wet and dry prairies, sandhills, hardwood hammocks, and bottomland forests. It spends the daylight hours burrowed in the soil or hidden under leaf litter, rocks, logs, or stumps.


insects, slugs, salamanders, small lizards, small snakes and snake eggs, young mice

map showing scarletsnakes are found throughout Florida

Map by Monica E. McGarrity - may be used freely for education.

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